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Discovery Bay Church is a family friendly congregation. Children of all ages are welcome!

The first Sunday of the month and various important festivals are usually All-Age Family worship. All-Age Worship is exactly as it sounds: a style and sermon tailored to meet the needs of all present, and not just children's worship at which adults happen to be present.

On most other Sundays we run a very popular and engaging lectionary based Discoverers programme, which is integrated with worship. The children gather with the congregation for the beginning of the service then move out to classes based on age groupings. The children return to their parents in time for Communion and to enjoy the last part of the service with their family.

Each of the different age groups has session styles suited to their particular stage of development, but all benefit from engaging with the same passages of scripture as their parents in the service. The whole parish is then able to grow together and share insights and discoveries. This is the power and purpose of lectionary based children's teaching.

Separate children's ministry for part of the service is there to develop the children's faith, and also to prepare them for taking a full part in the church's Sunday worship as they become older. The aim to ease the children gradually into full participation with the adults in church, rather than creating a completely separate culture which makes the transition difficult.

We sell our children and young people short if we only teach them facts about our faith; what they need is to be introduced to a real relationship with God, in which the foundations are laid for life long habits of prayer and Bible study and an openness to God's Spirit.